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If you see my reflection in a snow covered hill...

A lot of things have happened recently.

- Another trimester has come to a close, meaning I only have one left. I am both ready to get the EFF out of my school but I'm also sad that I won't get to see everyone every day anymore... oh, and that I'll have to find a job.

- I have moved out of the house I was in with Jesse and am now living on my own in an apartment. I have very mixed feelings about the situation surrounding this turn of events. Most of the time I'm okay with it, but it will take lots and lots of time. In the meantime, I'm listening to Alanis Morissette and the Dixie Chicks and feeling sorry for myself. If any of you know me well, you know I don't necessarily deal well with extreme change on my own, so this has been a learning experience for me. I just bought my own bed tonight and now I know the difference between coils, memory foam and latex foam! I haven't even been in my apartment all that long and even less time have I really been alone but already I miss having someone to chat with all evening, someone to snuggle in bed with me and fluffy kitties coming to trample my face at 3 in the morning because that's how he shows me he loves me. :o(( It's just very weird being completely alone and it will take some time for me to adjust.

- I just came back from a trip this past Tuesday. Jesse and I went to Las Vegas for my uncle's wedding and rented a car on our own to check out the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dam. All in all, it was a fantastic trip and I had a lot of fun. It was a good de-stresser for me and practically all my acne went away. Since I've been back in Austin, it has started to return... and I'm not even back in class yet. I'm wondering if I'm allergic to Austin. Perhaps I should perpetually be on vacation. :o)
I'll post pictures of this once I get all my pictures organized and copies of the ones Jesse has on his camera.

- I have a passport and a plane ticket to go visit my sister with my mom in the UK! We fly out in October and we'll be gone for about two weeks. I am really, really, really excited for this trip. I've never been out of the country (except for Niagara Falls in Canada, which hardly counts), so this will be a new experience for me. I'm looking forward to seeing all sorts of cool shit in other countries. The whole thing has been and will continue to be very expensive but I figured this might be my last chance at a real vacation for awhile, considering I'll have to find an actual job once I graduate and I'm not sure when I'll be able to take off. But I'm going to start saving more money and trying to scrimp and save what money I have. Also because I have all my own expenses now, which I'm kinda freaking out about.

Alright well as I've actually been up all night, I'm going to head off to bed now and get some rest before I go run errands today.
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