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eight down, two to go!

Welp! This trimester is FIN-AL-LY over. I am currently suffering from Burn Out and am extremely anxious to graduate. On the other hand, I'm absolutely terrified to because then that means I have to actually get a real job and DO things. I've managed to avoid/delay this dilemma for two years longer than my fellow classmates from high school. haha I've met with one chiropractor so far to talk business and am planning on shadowing two different acupuncturists in a couple weeks to learn from them. :o) And I'm hoping I can get a part-time job with them while I finish up school to make some money and get additional experience running a practice. Still unsure of what I want to do when I graduate, but I'm trying to contact a local acupuncturist who specializes in fertility and see if she'll allow me to shadow her too. :D

Jesse and I are taking a vacation to the Texas coast next week, which I'm REALLY, REALLY looking forward to. I think we both need a vacation from work and Austin. We're getting a beach-side condo in Port Aransas, a cute little beach town close to Corpus Christi. Apparently Port Aransas is where all the old people live and visit and South Padre Island is where all the youngins go for Spring Break... so we decided on Port Aransas. I'm not really into the whole young people/spring break/summer scene. I've probably spent a good 40 hours working on things for the vacation. I did MAJOR internet research and found a good place for us to stay. I had my heart set on a couple other places but I came to find out that most of the hotels and condo rentals there require you to be at least 25 years old to rent from them. :o( I understand their reason for this, but it just sucks for those of us who are younger than 25 but also still responsible. Oh well. The place we're staying at is still really nice. They even have a heated outdoor pool in case we want to go swimming at night or if it's too chilly for the ocean... or because I have an irrational phobia against swimming in the ocean.. I think it all started when I developed my intense love/fear of sharks and I watched every shark horror movie known to man. The sad thing is I KNOW the risk of getting attacked by a shark is statistically less likely than getting struck by lightning on a golf course and other extremely rare events. (And sharks DON'T EAT PEOPLE. The only reason you die is because when they bite you, it's so severe you basically just bleed out.) But the fact that you can’t see anything in the water scares the fuck out of me. Once while on vacation with my family a long time ago, my dad made me and my sister go out in the water. He carried Sarah and I walked beside him.. deeper, deeper into the murky water. It all seemed good at first. But then Sarah yelped that something touched her leg and then *I* felt it. In hindsight, I’m sure it was just a fish (because y’know, they do live there...), but I have never moved through water so fast in my life. And I haven’t been back in the ocean since. Haha

I’ve done a ton of research on local restaurants and things to do and have lists! (You all know me and my lists..) I have even entered in all the addresses for said restaurants and activity locations into our GPS. So far, some fun things I’m hoping to do are: a dolphin tour in the ocean (guy drives you around talking about the local history and marine life and dolphins come right up to your boat!), go to the BEACH, go see the texas maritime museum, go to the texas state aquarium (and pet sting-rays!) and take a ferry to this small island where you can collect lots of seashells. There’s also a popular candy shop in town (Winston’s) that we WILL be going to.

If I don’t return, it’s probably because I went into a diabetic coma from this store.

My friend Jeneen will be taking care of the kitties while we’re gone, so they’ll be well loved and pampered. =^.^=

This week has been super busy for me- trying to finish up stuff for the trip but also getting lots of other things done. I finally transplanted the tomato, bell pepper and aloe vera plants I bought from the farmer’s market into pots of their own with new soil. I’m not sure if the tomato plant is going to make it so I bought a small tomato greenhouse seed starter thing to start some new seedlings. I'll start on that when I get back from vacation. Super excited to grow my own veggies! :D I really want a real garden of my own someday, but can't right now as Jesse and I rent the house we live in.. so I can't exactly go tilling up the yard. :o(

Also, tomorrow is graduation at my school and afterwards is a 20th anniversary celebration party. My school was established in 1990 and was the first TCM college in all of Texas. Lots of alumni and current students will be attending and it should be a lot of fun. I’m helping out for both events so I need to be at the school from 945 am-about 3 pm. Then I’m hopefully getting my nails done by my friend Thoa who is licensed to do nails in Texas and is working at this super cute salon (she does my nails for free! Even though I always insist on paying her, she won’t take my money). Then I’m doing a painting event with Jeneen from 7-10 pm up north. It’s called “Painting with a twist” and basically you go in and they teach you how to paint an actual painting step by step in that three hours. Seems like it wouldn’t be very much fun for people with NO art experience, but they have group pictures with their finished products and they actually look pretty good. Must be great teachers. You can view the calendar of paintings on their site and decide which painting you want to paint and reserve your spot for that day. Jeneen and I are learning how to paint a simplified version of Starry Night. Sweet.
And then Jesse and I are leaving. So I’m trying to pack up what I can tonight since I’ll be so busy tomorrow. Also trying to pack up some food since we’ll have a kitchen in the condo. :D It would be really cool to buy some fresh seafood from the boats and cook it in our condo or out on the grills, but I’m not sure I want to do so much work on vacation. Haha We’ll probably just hop around to all the good restaurants in the area. I can’t wait to load up on fresh shrimp, crap and fish. Mmmm seafood! I even got Parrot Bay Strawberry Daquiris for the occasion. Because 8 proof is about as far as I go! hahah

Anyhow, need to keep packing and get to bed!

Have a good weekend and I’ll post an entry complete with PICTURES from our trip when we get back! :o) Wee!

This might seem silly, but if anyone wants a postcard from Port Aransas, TX just email me your address and I’ll be sure to send you one! My email is laurencylkowski@gmail.com . We have free wifi at the condo, so I’ll have internet access and will be checking my email up until we leave.
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