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Christmas Time is Heeerrreee

So Jesse and I have finally set down some dates for our journey northward. We're going to leave either on the 17th or 18th (depending on if I'm able to take my last final early or not) and head back starting on the 28th.
Since we're driving, it will either take us an entire day (16 hours to Springfield, IL with NO stops or delays, so probably more like 18-19 hours) to get there if we drive straight through, but we may stop along the way to sleep depending on how we feel. So we may get into town anywhere from Thursday night the 17th to Saturday the 19th. haha

The only things I know for sure right now are Christmas Eve at Moms and Christmas Day at Dads.
I am working on figuring out a possible itinerary for my visit back home at this time, but it won't get done until next week since this week I'm spending literally every free second studying for my biomed board exam. XD

Okay well just wanted to let you all know, so set your calendars! Let me know when you're free if you want to hang out! Now back to studying!
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