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Hallowen Activities

- Student Government (/ME... ugh.) planned and hosted a Halloween/National Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine Day (which was on Oct. 24th) party this year at the school. We had a costume contest with awards and a "Pin the Needle on the Yintang" game (that I made! :D).

- Jesse and I carved another pumpkin this year. Jesse jokingly suggested a Christmas tree and I ended up going with this as a representation of how Christmas is impeding on Thanksgiving and now Halloween. haha

- My friend Stephen and his girlfriend (Nicole) had a Halloween party at their apartment that Jesse and I went to. I made lots of tasty Halloween goodies for this including spiderweb cupcakes, Jack-O-Lantern cookies, spider cookies and Swamp Bog Juice. I was really excited for this as this was the first "adult" Halloween party I'd ever been to. haha It was a lot of fun!

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